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Spandana Maddukuri 
11/07/2023 -

Panditji did such a wonderful job officiating our wedding ceremony in Newport, RI. My husband is Sindhi and my family is from Andhra Pradesh and Panditji was able to thoughtfully represent both North and South Indian customs during the ceremony. Prior to the wedding, we had a meeting to discuss the sequence of rituals as well as the meaning behind them. It was immediately clear how organized and detail-oriented Panditji was, as he planned the ceremony down to the minute! He designated who should bring which items. He also helped me create the program for our ceremony, which was extremely helpful. During the ceremony, he explained the significance of each ritual in a way that all guests could easily understand. He made the ceremony feel lighthearted and yet so rich and full of tradition. The ceremony felt so personalized because Panditji made our guests laugh countless times by drawing on our personal traits. He truly had everyone’s attention to the last minute. Several wedding guests told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony, and mentioned how unique it was to understood the meaning behind each ritual. I can’t thank Panditji enough for making our day truly special and unforgettable.

London Clark 
09/05/2023 - We were very pleased with the ceremony. You did a great job ensuring that all rituals were explained so that all attendees at our multicultural wedding felt included. Thank you!

Priya Shah 
08/30/2023 -
Panditji Sharma truly created the ceremony of our dreams. The way he was able to involve us and draw upon our personal lives was truly an art. So many of our friends and family told us that they enjoyed the ceremony so much and how it was their first time actually understanding what was taking place and the meaning behind the rituals we do. He made our special day feel so effortless and lighthearted which we really appreciated.

Reena Shah 
08/29/2023 - Priya and Neil's wedding was like a fairy tale-everything about it was just magical. But the best part of the entire weekend festivities was actually the wedding ceremony. The setting, the ambiance, the weather, and the vibe it created of love, serenity, and purity was simply ethereal. And it was because of you, Panditji- you conducted the ceremony with control, command, fun, and love. Both Priya and Neil couldn't have asked for anyone better to have officiate their wedding and marry them as they exchanged their vows to be true to each other in front of God, Family, and Friends.
What we all appreciated the meetings prior to the wedding that we all had to go over the entire ceremony schedule and details together so everyone was on the same page. That helped the bride and groom, the parents, the planners and also the priest.
Thank you very much!
Sincerely, Nayanesh and Reena Shah

Ashima Sharma-Rupert 
07/30/2023 - We cannot thank Panditji enough for an incredible Hindu ceremony. Prior to the wedding we had a detailed meeting outlining the timeline, the significance of each ritual and answering any questions. He kept things light and fun all while being efficient and completing the ceremony in an hour. Our guests appreciated the detailed explanations and had many wonderful things to say about the religious beauty of our ceremony. Thank you again, Panditji!

Sachit Singal and Tanvee Varma 
06/20/2023 - We were delighted to be married in a ceremony led by Pandit Prabhakar Sharma ji. We had the pleasure of hearing Pandit ji speak at the wedding of our close friends and knew from then that we wanted him to conduct our ceremony when our time arrived. Pandit ji is charming, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, and passionate about his work, and these are just some of the many qualities that make him exceptional.

If you are looking for someone who will not only enlighten your audience but will also maintain a graceful levity for your wedding, look no further than Pandit Prabhakar Sharma ji.

Deepika Agrawal 
06/14/2023 - We were so lucky and blessed to have Pandit Prabhakar Sharma conduct our wedding ceremony. From the beginning, Panditji was so kind to us, and helped explain the entire ceremony and each step of the puja in detail. Often times when I go to Jindu ceremonies, I can barely follow the the prayer ceremony, but with Panditji everything was so clear and well articulated. All of his guidance and advice helped us create the wedding ceremonies and also a good schedule with every step well planned from start to finish. Thank you so much Pandit ji for making this day so special for us! We were so lucky and blessed to have you!

Amit & Brieana Gera 
06/09/2023 - Panditji was an absolute joy to work with. He performed a traditional Hindu ceremony for us although my husband and I come from different cultural backgrounds. He did an amazing job with explaining each of the steps so that all of my family + our friends who were experiencing it for the first time understood what was happening along with the specific reasoning behind each step. He made the ceremony fun and engaging while still honoring the traditions of a Hindu wedding ceremony. We cannot thank him enough for such a beautiful day! Our families and friends cannot stop talking about how wonderful he was.

Priya and Anurag 
05/10/2023 -
We just wanted to take a moment and thank you Pandit Ji for officiating our beautiful ceremony. I still remember the first time meeting you at my sister's wedding and thought to myself, wow, this ceremony feels so intimate, warm, traditional, and modern all at the same time and that was because of you. I knew then I wanted to reach out to you for when I was going to get married.

Everything about the ceremony felt perfect to us. Your words and explanations for every step were so heartfelt and powerful, and I know everyone in the room felt extremely engaged. We appreciate your best wishes and blessings.

Ami Sangani 
05/06/2023 - Panditji Prabhakar did an excellent job during our wedding ceremony in Orlando, and was able to mix in Guajarati and Telegu customs in an organized fashion. He also stuck to our timeline perfectly which was great since we were on a strict schedule. He also does a great job of explaining everything he is doing so the guests who are have never been to an Indian wedding can engage and understand. Definitely recommend, especially for those who are doing a mixed culture wedding.

03/29/2023 - Sharmaji married my husband Chen and I a few weeks ago in March. We had a mix of Indian, Chinese, and American guests - many of whom had never been to a Hindu ceremony before. Sharmaji did an amazing job explaining every step to both us and our guests while keeping things light and entertaining. We were very happy with his services.

01/04/2023 - Panditji Prabhakar Sharma married my husband Michael and I in September! As it was a mixed cultural wedding, he was wonderful at explaining every step to both of us and our families. We had a lot of positive feedback from guests that they were so glad to understand what was going on in the ceremony because of Panditji’s explanations. We were very happy for his services and understanding.

Rashim Oberoi 
12/08/2022 - Panditji Sharma,

Thank you for taking the time to come down to Tulum and doing Jaimie and I's wedding. We appreciate everything you did and the guests kept talking about your explanation of each part of the ceremony. We will remember this great day for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

Rhia Shah 
09/27/2022 - Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony! It was truly perfect. Your explanations were wonderful for all of our guests (and for us!), including those who were not Hindu. We so appreciated everything you did for us and really, our ceremony was one of the best parts of our day! Thank you so much! -Rhia and Joe Kristan

Rahul and Ashima 
09/18/2022 -
Panditji Sharma conducted our wedding a couple of weeks back over Labor Day Weekend. While the majority of our guests were of Indian background, a significant number were also non-Indian. Panditji did a fantastic job clearly explaining and translating into English the significance and meaning of each ritual. He was able to keep our crowd of more than 360 guests engaged through the entire ceremony.

Panditji is quite detail oriented and flexible. Throughout the planning process, he created a step-by-step plan for the ceremony based on what both our families wanted. He also places significance on what the couple of wants, which was very important to us.

He is also timely, easy to reach and responsive. We would highly recommend!

Priya & Arun 
09/18/2022 - Pandit Prabhakar Sharma performed our wedding ceremony on August 27th, 2022 which was beautiful and memorable to us and to all our guests. Panditji is very detail oriented but also listens to the couple which translates into the ceremony which we could tell after one zoom meeting. We had many non-Hindu guests at the wedding where Panditji broke down all the rituals in English so all the guests could understand what was happening and the meaning behind each ritual. We are very grateful that Panditji performed our ceremony!

Sapna Champaneria Kirk 
07/26/2022 - We were married by Pandit Prabhakar Sharma on June 25 2022. He performed a beautiful, spiritual, engaging ceremony for us. He was incredibly organized, detail oriented and brought a lot of heart into his union of us. I would highly recommend him. We are so grateful to have been married by him.

Adam Shaw 
07/18/2022 - Panditji Sharma's ceremony was the most memorable part of my entire wedding. His warmth is calming and his passion for the rituals is evident. He did a great job of explaining every step in English, which enlightened both our Indian and non-Indian guests alike. Nothing but rave reviews from everyone.

Saral & Christine 
06/20/2022 - We would highly recommend Panditji Sharma for anyone! He was super communicative & accommodating throughout the whole wedding process, then did a fantastic job at the wedding. We had a mixed Hindu & Catholic wedding, where Panditji was able to breakdown every step in plain English, so the whole crowd could understand what's happening. We had tons of guests coming up to us & complementing the Panditji on his service - even for many Indians it was the first time they fully understood what was going on!

05/16/2022 - Panditji was a perfect fit for our wedding ceremony -- he was kind, engaging, and humorous! We received many wonderful comments from our guests about how much they enjoyed the ceremony. Panditji was able to explain each component of the ceremony for both our Indian and non-Indian guests in a succinct and entertaining fashion. We are so thankful that we were able to have Panditji guide us through the ceremony on our special day!

10/24/2021 - We feel so blessed to have had Panditji with us for our ceremony. Panditji is incredibly thoughtful and is very dedicated and focused on ensuring your special day is about you as a couple. We felt very well prepared, after speaking to Panditji multiple times about how we envisioned our wedding, and learned how he conducts the ceremony. He explained each step, mantra, and the symbolism thoroughly for guests, and does so with such care and thoughtfulness. We will always look back on our ceremony with such love, gratitude, and happiness and are so grateful to Panditji for the spiritual wisdom, and kindness he imparted.

10/05/2021 - Panditji was simply fabulous! He was very knowledgeable, listened to what we wanted (we wanted a shorter ceremony) and he made it fun and enjoyable.

Rajiv & Swetha 
09/17/2021 - Punditji Sharma is quite possibly the best priest in the country for Hindu wedding ceremonies. He spent countless hours in advance working with our two families to craft a unique, North Indian / South Indian fusion wedding ceremony that stayed true to all of our traditions and customs and exceeded the expectations of all family members. He made our wedding ceremony an absolute joy by using simple and loving language, easy to understand analogies, and fun explanations so that we and our guests could easily follow along and understand every step of the way. The feedback from our family and friends afterward was effusive -- nothing but the highest praise for Punditji Sharma! He played a key role in helping us to have the wedding of our dreams -- and for that we are eternally grateful!

Raj and Karin Kothari 
08/29/2021 -

We feel incredibly happy and lucky to have had Panditji for our wedding. We connected over zoom multiple times over the last year, got to know each other, and truly understand the meaning of each ritual in our wedding program. We especially loved Panditji’s ability to translate and interpret Hindu wedding rituals into modern applications for us as a couple today. He also did a remarkable job engaging our audience (both Indian and non-indian.) He led the most incredible wedding ceremony. It was extremely special and meaningful to us and our family. We will remember this ceremony forever.

Thank you again Panditji!

Ruchika Talwar 
07/29/2021 - Panditji did a fantastic job at our wedding ceremony - he engaged us at the couple, kept it light and entertaining for our guests (especially non Indian ones with great explanations), and was an overall pleasure to work with. In fact, we had several people comment on how it was the best ceremony they had attended!! Highly recommend and have already referred several people to him.

Puja & Nikhil 
07/29/2021 - We are so happy to have decided on Pandit Sharma for our wedding. Indian weddings can get hectic and disorganized pretty quickly and Pandit Sharma has so much experience hosting a wedding for all ages and cultures to enjoy and understand. He was very timely with his responses and set us agendas, to do lists, and calendar invites. I really enjoyed the fact that he took time to set up a Zoom call with all the parents to explain the each step and who does what. We had a primarily Gujarati wedding, but Pandit Sharma was able to incorporate very important parts of the Telegu traditions into the agenda seamlessly. During the ceremony, he was extremely articulate, engaging, and confident. We got many compliments on what an "elegant" wedding it was.

Ritesh Ramchandani 
07/29/2021 - Alexis and I could not be more happy with having Panditji Sharma perform our wedding ceremony. First thing you have to know about Panditji is that he is warmhearted and truly enjoys getting to know the bride and groom and their respective families. His warmth and graciousness made us all feel at ease with the ceremony. Second thing you need to know is how thorough he is; he took the time in many preparation sessions to walk us through each part of the Ghari Puja and the traditional hindu ceremony. As you would expect, each family has their own small traditions with wedding ceremonies and he took all of our suggestions into account to craft the perfect ceremony for our family. Third is how well he is able to explain the differing ceremony parts to those on the mandap and the guests so that they understand and experience the traditional hindu ceremony first hand. Fourth is that he is entirely prepared for the ceremony and you can have full confidence that everything will proceed as planned. We are so humbled that Panditji presided over our ceremony. Thank you for all your efforts with us and your blessings!

-Ritesh and Alexis

Amit Kakkar and Navi Bhatti 
06/03/2021 - Namaste!!
Navi and I were thrilled to have Pandit ji Sharma officiate our wedding ceremony. He performed a beautiful ceremony tailored to our needs and wants. He met with us and carefully went over the timeline. He was clear, knowledgeable, helpful, and humorous without being self-serving. My wife’s family is Sikh and Pandit Sharma helped them along. We want to thank Pandit Ji Sharma and his lovely wife Jyoti for being there to celebrate our special day.
-Amit and Navi

Arti Mattu 
05/29/2021 - We are very grateful to Panditji for performing our wedding ceremony. He worked closely with my fiancé's parents and my parents to seamlessly incorporate both sets of traditions into the ceremony. He explained every step of the ceremony to us beforehand and his sense of humor during the ceremony kept us smiling for all our photos! Our friends could not join us due to Covid but we have shared a video of the ceremony with several of them, and they were all able to follow all the rituals thanks to Panditji's ability to clearly communicate all the steps of the ceremony. We highly recommend Panditji.

Ayush Sutaria 
05/11/2020 - Punditji performed my wedding, which was done emergently during this pandemic, so it was unconventional as it was done remotely. Even though he was not able to be there physically, his english explanation of the ceremony was hands down the best I have ever experienced. Most of the attendees were caucasian and did not know what was going on and he explained it wonderfully. Would recommend highly.

01/13/2020 - We are so thankful to have had Prabhakar uncle with us as our Pandit during our wedding ceremony in Cancun. From the start, he was very organized and courteous. My wife’s family is Latin American and was not as familiar with all of the Hindu and Indian rituals that take place during a Hindu ceremony. Prabhakar Uncle was eager to take time to explain the ceremony and each of the different parts and highlight areas where family members would participate. We had numerous calls and video conference meetings to go over all aspects of the ceremony, detail by detail. Even though our wedding was miles away in Cancun, Prabhakar Uncle gave us so much confidence and comfort that everything would be ready to go for our wedding weekend. Our guests repeatedly told us how much they enjoyed the Hindu ceremony and how great of an atmosphere Prabhakar Uncle created. We would whole heartedly recommend him for your ceremony, near or far!

Rahul Balwani 
12/15/2019 - My wife Era and I reached out to Prabhakarji to conduct our wedding ceremony in Savannah (GA), and we wouldn't have had it any other way! Prabhakarji always has a smile on his face, and has a way of interacting with the audience to make the ceremony fun and engaging. We received so many wonderful comments from our guests, especially those who were not familiar with how an indian wedding ceremony is conducted. Prabhakarji has the ability to conduct the ceremonies in such a way that he can explain all the steps clearly along the way, while still keeping everything under an hour. He also loves to throw in relate-able jokes along the way to keep everyone engaged and laughing. I'd recommend Prabhakarji to anyone that asks, and this is already the 4th wedding he has conducted in our family!

Thank you Prabhakarji for wedding my wife and I, and we look forward to running into you again in the future. :)

Riya Bhattacharjee 
12/04/2019 - Panditji Prabhakar Sharma is fantastic to work with and will make your ceremony truly memorable! Around 7 years ago, I saw Panditji perform the ceremony for my friend (his nephew!) and instantly knew that whenever I got married, he would be our priest. My husband jokes that I found the pandit before I found the groom.

Panditji was very thoughtful in how he performed the ceremony and incorporated our traditions. What I love most is that he explains each step in English so everyone understands the significance and meaning. All our guests have commented that the ceremony was beautifully done. Thank you!

Ronak Rawal 
09/12/2019 - Pandit Prabhakar Sharma is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I would recommend him to everyone. He has made our event come to life and kept all our guest entertained. He has truly been so pleasant to work with and has been so accommodating. He took so much time explained the ceremony to us and making the moment and ceremony about us. Thank you for everything Mr. Sharma. You made our wedding magical! Best day of my life 8.24.19.

Kunal & Nina 
07/16/2019 - We are very thankful to Panditji for making our wedding ceremony so memorable for us and our guests. He thoroughly explained each step of the ceremony so that we understood the meaning behind the rituals. He adhered to our timeline and was considerate of our wishes to make our ceremony individualized to us. We wholeheartedly recommend Panditji if you are looking beautiful modern wedding ceremony that incorporates all your family rituals!

Kate Anderson 
07/08/2019 - I worked with Prabhakar Sharma at a wedding last month. Our clients are really happy they hired him as their priest for their Indian-American wedding. I am certainly happy they did. Prabhakar Sharma was thorough in providing information to the clients and myself in exactly what he would do and what the ceremony would look like. At the ceremony, he kept it on schedule, created an inclusive environment, provided an English translation/explanation and added some funny moments too. He couldn't have been any kinder as well. I hope we get to work together again. Any couple getting married would be lucky to have Prabhakar Sharma as their priest/officiant.

06/28/2019 -

Our ceremony ended up being our favorite part of the wedding thanks to Panditji. We worked with him to customize our Hindu ceremony to incorporate both Indian and American traditions that were important to us for our fusion wedding. It was critical that whoever officiated our wedding would be able to clearly explain the ceremony to us and our guests (many who had never seen a Hindu ceremony) in English and Panditji did an amazing job – while also making the ceremony lighthearted and funny! Several months before the wedding, he welcomed my then fiancé and I, as well as my family, into his home where we talked through the ceremony and watched videos of previous ceremonies he officiated. From start to finish, he clearly answered of our questions and provided valuable feedback based on his experience. We have received such incredible feedback from our friends and family about how special the ceremony was and what a great job Panditji did – including our family from India who said that even though they see Hindu ceremonies all the time, it was the first time every step was explained so clearly and learned a lot from it. We would recommend Panditji to anyone and specially to couples and families looking to have their ceremony performed with clear English translation for themselves and for their guests. Thank you for making our ceremony so special!

Mohita & Kevin 
06/15/2019 - We are so grateful to Panditji for making our ceremony so special, smooth and easily understood by all. From Day 1, Panditji was so organized, detail oriented and open to hear what we wanted. He took such pride and care in taking us through the ceremony and logistics so that we knew what would happen when. Half of my guests were non-Indian and they were so impressed by the ceremony and his translation. One close friend said he was moved to tears. It's truly a testament to Panditji's commitment and care. Thank you so very much.

Shaleen & Neelima 
06/10/2019 - We were so pleased to have Prabhakarji as our priest. He not only explained ceremonies in a simple and concise manner but made the occasion a joyous/fun event for everyone while maintaining the sanctity + solemnity of marriage. He was perfectly on time and we actually were ahead of schedule by the time lunch came around. He was also delightful pre-wedding, giving us a detailed list of items to bring and wedding program template, and post-wedding when he immediately took care of the marriage certificate. We could not be happier with the way things turned out - Shaleen & Neelima

Janvi and Shankar Thampi 
11/06/2018 - Panditji made our wedding weekend very memorable. The English translation made our guests very happy as they were all able to follow. He was able to blend me and my husbands cultures together beautifully. The best part of the whole experience was the detailed explanation of the ceremony Panditji provides before hand. It was great to be able to understand what we would be doing during the ceremony and what everything meant!

Mary and Gaurav Ahuja 
09/16/2018 - We are incredibly thankful for Panditji Prabhakar Sharma. He supported us through every step of our wedding - preparing for the ceremony and the day of the event. He was very organized, which made it easy for us. We had several guests comment on how much they enjoyed Panditji's explanations and comments during our ceremony. It was an honor to celebrate our special day with Panditji's blessings.

Sachi Shah 
09/10/2018 - We had the honor and pleasure to have Punditji Prabhakar Sharma officiate our gruh shanti and wedding ceremony. We did not expect a quiet audience during our wedding ceremony (after attending so many Indian weddings in the past). However, Punditji had the entire venue of 400 people quiet and attentive during that 1 hour. Not only was it a surreal moment for my husband and I, but the ceremony felt so intimate and personal. Punditji made the ceremony extremely interesting (and comical) for all of our guests. It was a great working with Punditji leading up to the wedding- he is extremely patient and professional. We would recommend him to everyone!

Puja and Saad 
08/29/2018 - Pandit Sharma officiated our wedding on 8/18/18. He did a terrific job! Panditji kept the ceremony within our time constraints, he incorporated appropriate references to technology and our occupations to keep up the laughter and interest, and he was wonderfully organized. We absolutely loved having him as our officiant and would highly recommend him to other couples!

Jay and Selen 
07/23/2018 -

Panditji Prabhakar Sharma was great to work with.

Weddings can be stressful with all the planning, various family members and managing expectations. Panditji put us at ease explaining every detail to us in advance and translating in English the highlights to our multi-cultural audience.

Panditji, was a professional and I would highly recommend his services. thanks-Jay and Selen.

Douglas Tremblay and Ami Patel 
07/22/2018 - We are very thankful for Pandit Sharma for performing our wedding ceremony. He was extremely helpful and organized before the event and went out of his way to customize the event for our families. During the ceremony, he explained every step along the way for our guests who were attending their first Indian wedding.

We would highly recommend Pandit Sharma to anyone looking for someone to officiate their ceremony.

07/17/2018 - We had the pleasure of working with Panditji for our housewarming and baby shower puja. He was professional, courteous and well-spoken. He explained every step in English, which kept my wife and I completely engaged. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

jyoti talreja 
07/17/2018 - We had Pandit sharmaji perform grah shanti and baby shower puja at my childrens home. Panditji was very professional , arrived on time and very thorough with communication and puja.
He explained the meaning of each mantra before reciting and explained to us puja rituals step by step in english.
we were all very impressed and pleased and will definitley call him again.

Anuj Gupta 
06/05/2018 - Pandit Prabhakar officiated our indian wedding 3 day event. He was knowledgeable and communicated well with ALL guests (ones straight from india and Caucasians here in the US). He made to point to explain what he was saying so that all guests understood the meaning of his words. We were happy with the experience and services he provided and recommend him to others.

Kathryn and Roopak 
09/26/2017 - Panditji was so wonderful in performing our mixed ceremony. He was one one of the very few officiants we spoke with that actually listened to our desires and with whom we were able to express our wishes about what the ceremony meant to US. Not only was he patient and caring from the beginning, he was able to explain to us and our guests the meaning of the mantras (in english) which went a long way with everyone. He also made himself available to do a rehearsal with us a few days before the ceremony. He gave us lessons on how to properly do certain actions as well as provided written explanations about the different aspects of the ceremony. It couldn't have been any better! Thank you!

09/16/2017 - Thank you for helping make our wedding such a special event. People were talking about the event for weeks after. Your explanations of the various rituals were very helpful for people who were not familiar with the rites. Thank you again for making it so memorable.

Radhika & Anil 
09/07/2017 - Panditji was excellent. He was very organized and time conscious. He not only kept to the schedule (actually finished 10 minutes early!) but he also explained all of the parts of the ceremony very well. He was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to other couples looking for an awesome panditji!

Sapna Balwani 
08/28/2017 - He was excellent and met all our expectations and more. It was very important to us that he translated the service so all our guests understood our culture, religion, and traditions, especially since we were having a mixed wedsing . He did an amazing job with that, was very organized, and stayed on schedule . The guests all enjoyed the ceremony.

Prabhas Gupta 
08/13/2017 - Pandit Prabhakar-ji was the reason our wedding day was a success. He prepared us a month before with a thorough run through of the wedding rituals, accommodated both me and my wifes UP and Bengali traditions, was very respectful, and humorous for the audience. He communicated well with my parents who were all the way in california to make sure we were on the same page. I could not have asked for a better priest to conduct my wedding. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a hindu priest. Thank you again and Shukriya panditji!!

Lisa & Rohit 
08/01/2017 - Panditji was a pleasure to work with. From our first phone call to our introductory meeting to the rehearsal to the actual ceremony, he was always prepared and extremely thorough and detail-oriented. During the wedding itself, , he carefully explained each ritual so our guests could follow along and it made the whole process that much more meaningful for all of us. We were delighted to have him preside over our ceremony and would whole-heartedly recommend him!

Alex Levine 
07/10/2017 - Thank you Panditji for all you and your wife did to make our ceremony special. Thank you also for incorporating the fusion element for my side. You were very time coordinated.

Abhi & Neha 
06/22/2017 - We highly recommend Sharmaji to officiate your wedding!!

Panditji Sharma is very well-organized and takes the time to ensure his couples fully understand and are comfortable with any wedding rituals that will be performed. He assists in providing feedback for draft ceremony pamphlets/materials, sits down with his clients to walk them through wedding rituals to be performed, and provides English translations for all of his ceremonies. He performs very engaging ceremonies and makes the audience feel like a part of the event. Finally, Panditji Sharma did an excellent job in adhering to our timelines and ensured the ceremony did not go longer than 60 minutes.

Brian and Pooja 
05/10/2017 - Panditji Sharma was wonderful to work with. From our first phone conversation, to our in-person meetings, to the big day itself, panditji was always engaged in creating our perfect ceremony. He was willing and excited to work with our co-officiant (a Rabbi) to design a wonderful fusion wedding. He made sure to explain each part of the Hindu ceremony so all guests understood the significance of each tradition/ritual. Our guests could not stop raving about how fantastic our ceremony was (many saying it was the best Indian wedding they had been to). Thank you for all your help and guidance Panditji! Highly recommended!!

Sonia and Gautam 
04/30/2017 -

Choosing Pandit Sharma to officiate our wedding ceremony was one of the best decisions we made. Panditji’s calm nature, organized approach and attention to detail ensured a stress-free planning process. After an initial phone call, Panditji graciously hosted us at his house to meet in person and walk us through the rituals, and his warmth and kindness made it immediately clear to us that we had picked a fantastic officiant. Panditji accommodated our request that all ceremony consumables be vegan without hesitation, and worked with us to incorporate the different Gujarati traditions of our two sets of parents into the ceremony. Even though the wedding venue in Brooklyn and a pre-wedding ceremony in Staten Island were longer than a two hour drive from Panditji’s house, the way he carefully made and informed us of his travel plans left no doubt in our minds that he would be at the venues with more than enough time to set up.

During the ceremony, Panditji’s officiating found the perfect balance between elegance, gravitas and celebration. He kept our guests, many of who had not attended a Hindu wedding before, enthralled and engaged throughout. Multiple guests have told us how impressed they were by the manner with which Panditji carefully guided us through the rituals while keeping the audience’s attention with clear explanations of each of the steps peppered with humor.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with Pandit Sharma, and we highly recommend choosing Panditji to officiate your ceremony. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to get our contact info from Panditji.

Isha & Joe 
03/07/2017 -
We couldn't have selected a more perfect Pandit to perform our Hindu Ceremony for our wedding. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we had to push our wedding up 6 months in advance. We had 1 week to plan a wedding. We came across Pandit Sharma's profile and reached out to him; the experience with him from this moment on was extraordinary. He was so compassionate, understanding the circumstances, he promptly agreed and worked on our Hindu ceremony to make it possible.

During the planning phase, Pandit Sharma put together all the prayers into a comprehensive package which was very easy to follow and next steps to make this process seamless. He was "on-demand" available to answer any questions we had. This made it so much easier to get through the planning.

During the morning of the ceremony, we fell into further difficulties. Pandit Sharma relaxed our tension through his kind words, and was so adaptable to last minute changes.

During the ceremony, Pandit Sharma won the entire crowd over by performing the Hindu ceremony, and translating the words into English. We received so many compliments on the ceremony because of his services. We really appreciated his beautiful words and sense of humor, it made the ceremony all the more special. Of what was a very emotional day for us, he really lightened up the situation and had both of us in high spirits.

I will be recommending Pandit Sharma to every person I know that has to perform such a ceremony. It was a beautiful experience, and left us lasting memories forever.

Endless thank-you's to Pandit Sharma and his wife for making the day so meaningful.

Warm Wishes,
Isha & Joe

Akansha and Luis 
09/26/2016 - We were fortunate to have Prabhakar Uncle officiate our ceremony. His attention to detail as well as his sense of humor made for a memorable and beautiful ceremony. He also did a great job of explaining the significance of each part of the ceremony, which really resonated with our guests, many of whom were attending a Hindu ceremony for the first time. Throughout the planning process, Prabhakar Uncle was organized and responsive to any questions we had. We were blessed to have him be a part of our wedding!

Meera Jain 
09/15/2016 - We were so honored and thrilled to have Prabhakar Sharma officiate our wedding in August 2016. His attention to detail, thoroughness and sense of humor made the ceremony enjoyable for all. He did a great job of going over every aspect of the ceremony, answering questions from all those involved and keeping the ceremony respectful and fun at the same time. I highly recommend him!

Rashmi Jawa 
05/26/2016 -

Thank you Pandit Sharma and Jyoti Sharma for performing Kanika & Atin's wedding on April 22nd 2016. You both worked as a team and made the ceremony memorable.

Jai Guruji


Prianca and Meelan Patel 
05/18/2016 - Pandit Sharma was absolutely fabulous!!!!! Fun and light hearted, he tailors the ceremony to your needs and makes sure the crowd isn't bored. He made our wedding ceremony so special and enjoyable. The best pandit we've ever met!!!!

Atin Malhotra 
05/16/2016 - The wedding ceremony was amazing. The translation of the mantras during the time truly grasped the audience. Even I was able to understand what was being said and what needed to be done during the wedding. Thank you for all the help.

Jai guruji,
Love Atin Malhotra

Aarti Jain 
05/08/2016 - We couldn't be happier with choosing Panditji Sharma!! We had a fusion wedding and Panditji was able to conduct a traditional Hindu ceremony in a way that was fun, upbeat and still ceremonial. He explained the steps to our guests in a manner that didn't disrupt the flow of the ceremony. All our guests were able to follow what was happening on the mandap and the ceremony itself was so beautiful and memorable. After the Hindu ceremony we held a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and Panditji was able to MC that portion of the ceremony as well. Both ceremonies were beautiful, thorough and a lot of fun. And the planning process leading up to the big day was very organized- we had a few confernce calls with Panditji and were able to figure out the program quickly. There are a lot of decisions you have to make as part of the wedding process- you'll be very happy going with Panditji Sharma!!

Aarti & Timothy

Shraddha Jani Shrier 
12/20/2015 -
Prabhakar Uncle was a pleasure to work with for our wedding. My husband is Jewish and I am Hindu and he took care to include elements of our different cultures in the ceremony. He rehearsed with us several times and met my family members so that by the day of the wedding we felt comfortable. He was punctual, organized and always prepared.

He is able to turn an otherwise (usually) chaotic ceremony into an event that has a predictable start and end time and planned out steps. On my wedding day, I wanted an organized ceremony- not chaos- and he delivered!

My husband and I give him our highest recommendation.

Kavita & Alex 
12/01/2015 - Prabhakar Uncle did an amazing job with our wedding ceremony, we could not have been happier!

From the very beginning, it was impressive how organized and meticulous he was. He showed up to our first meeting and had written down all of our comments, concerns and questions. He then sent us a detailed document delineating the steps of the ceremony, the meaning of the steps, materials required for each step, family members required and music required. My husband, Alex, is not of Indian background so this was all new to him and his family. Prabhakar Uncle was very open and understanding about his background and tailored the ceremony to be exactly what he wanted. He was very particular about all of the details and requested everything be planned well in advance so it would be perfect for the day of the wedding.

Prior to the wedding, he met with us for a thorough rehearsal so there were no questions on the day of. He also was coming from a distance and even did a test drive to make sure there would be no hitches on the wedding day.

All of his hard work paid off because the wedding could not have been better. It felt like there was no work to be done on the actual day and it was all handled - we could just focus on getting married and having the best day surrounded by all of our family and friends. Prabhakar Uncle explained all of the rituals in English and was very relatable. He also included a secular reading of our choosing, officiated a ring exchange and pronounced as a married couple so that aspects of the ceremony were more familiar to American families.

We received so many compliments on how well the ceremony was done. Many Indian people commented on how despite going to many Indian weddings for their whole lives, this was the first time they understood what was happening during the ceremony.

We are so thankful for the incredible day that we had and this was due in large part to Prabhakar Uncle's professionalism, organization and overall disposition.

Manoj Mittal 
09/05/2015 - Sharma ji conducted the ceremony in a beautiful way, explained all the rituals with active participation of everyone. He is very detail oriented, meticulous and walked us through the whole process. He made the ceremony so much more enjoyable. He was very responsive and conscious of time. We highly appreciate his services.

09/04/2015 - My husband Milan and I were extremely pleased with the service we were provided! From our very first interaction, Pandit Sharma was always very responsive and organized. He is extremely detailed oriented which really helped keep everything running smoothly and on time (which can often be a challenge with large Indian weddings). Till this day we still get many compliments from our friends and family about what a wonderful ceremony it was. It was especially nice that he explained the rituals to the audience (and us) in an exciting manner so that everyone was interested in remaining engaged the entire time. Also, my husband and I come from different backgrounds in India, and Pandit Sharmaji met with both of our families and took the time to explain all of the customs from both sides. He helped us design a ceremony that incorporated all of the aspects that were important to both of our parents. I can not stress enough what a difference he made in our wedding- I am so happy we had the honor of working with Pandiji Sharma!

Ritu and Greg 
08/20/2015 - Panditji was absolutely incredible for our wedding; it was interfaith, and he actually suggested the Rabbi who eventually co-officiated with him!

He was not only deeply respectful and accommodating towards our diverse beliefs, but he also taught me much about the Hindu religion and culture into which I was marrying, something I will forever be grateful for.

His scheduling and planning were entirely on-point, and even better, when the day of the wedding came, he made that plan work though the chaos that can be a wedding day, allowing me to focus on the wonderful lady who became my bride and not on the increased length of the ceremony (it did go a touch longer than expected, though I was hardly conscious of this - that said, I was in the middle of getting married so perhaps my attentions was elsewhere other than the clock); in fact, the Jewish/Hindu combined ceremony was one of the best things about the whole weekend, and myself, my wife and then entire crowd were fascinated by it.

My wife said that throughout the ceremony, she was entirely conscious that she was in the act of marrying me; I cannot think of anything better than that. It was magical.

Thank you Panditji!

Shefali & Niraj 
07/16/2015 - Panditji did such a great job for our wedding ceremony this past weekend. He made sure we were comfortable with the way the ceremony would go ahead of time by hosting a meeting with us directly where he covered each step in detail. We had a timeline to the minute which was followed perfectly, despite delays in starting due to unforeseen circumstances. Panditji took it in stride and was ready to go when we were, and explained each ritual in clear English so that all of our guests were able to understand what was happening. A few comedic moments as well lightened the mood for the ceremony so our guests did not get bored, and everything was done within one hour. He is so polite, very accommodating, and very prompt with communication. I recommend him for anyone looking for a traditional ceremony!

Nisha & Todd 
07/16/2015 - Prabhakar Uncle was so great at our wedding and we're so happy he was part of our special weekend. The ceremony was short and sweet (as we requested) and he made it light and entertaining. He also accommodated us with adding in a Jewish tradition at the end (stepping on the glass ceremony). He made it extremely personal and touching. He has conducted the ceremony for both me and my sister's wedding and we've both been extremely pleased!

Ben and aabha 
04/16/2015 - Panditji was great for our multicultural fusion ceremony. We had both a Hindu ceremony and Chrisrian ceremony within one ceremony on our wedding day. Panditji was very open to our ideas and to speaking with both of our families and the Christian reverend about the ceremony and integrating both cultures and traditions. He stayed within our time constraints and did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend him!!

Elizabeth Bahadur 
11/19/2014 - Pandit Prabhakar Sharma conducted a beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony for us in November in New York City. He gave special appreciation to our different cultural backgrounds -- the bride is Christian and the groom is Hindu -- allowing for a traditional ceremony that was formal without being inaccessible to an American audience. The pacing of the ceremony flowed smoothly and Pandit Sharma evoked a kind, sensible humor throughout to break up longer rituals. Very relatable and easy to understand. Highly recommended.

09/03/2014 - Pandit Ji was extremely well organized and made the overall wedding planning process less stressful. He went through every detail of the ceremony and was extremely responsive and timely whenever we had any questions. Further, during the ceremony, he explained the various parts in English which made it a more enjoyable experience for all of our guests. He also added a humorous touch to certain parts which kept the ceremony engaging for everyone. I highly recommend Pandit Prabhakar Sharma!!

Kartik & Stephanie Patel 
08/22/2014 - Panditji Prabhakar Sharma was amazing! Panditji did a great job organizing our wedding. He met with us before the wedding and went over every aspect of the ceremony with us. My parents had never participated in a Hindu ceremony and Panditji made them feel very comfortable. We had many guests that had never been to a Hindu ceremony and all of them raved about how they loved the ceremony! He explained everything in English and my family who are Christian were so impressed. He was always available when we had questions or needed to make changes. We really love working with Panditji and he made our day very special!

Rachana and Chintan 
07/27/2014 -
We were lucky to find Prabhakar Uncle through recommendation as he served as pandit for another wedding in our family a short time ago. As he did such a great job for that wedding, it was easy for us to select him for ours.
After our wedding, our guests have told us the pandit was very engaging and that the program (which he prepared for us) was very well written and easy to follow. Outside the guests experience, from our interactions with Prabhakar Uncle, we would strongly recommend him for the following reasons:
* Professionalism -- Prabhakar Uncle has very timely responses to email and phone calls which anyone planning wedding knows is very important. To prepare for our wedding, we coordinated a meeting with panditji a couple months before the wedding to go over all steps and plans. After that meeting he promptly delivered meeting notes that were professionally written and clear. Also, as it came closer to our wedding, he prepared a well written program designed to our specific customizations. He even communicates when he is out of town in case there is any emergencies that requires prompt response.
* Excellent Communicator -- Prabhakar Uncle speaks very well and also is clear in his train of thoughts. Both of those traits are immensely valuable for a role which his clients potentially have little prior knowledge. He is very easy to work with in the planning phases and during the ceremony he explains all steps in English with personality and timely humor. He engages the audience and does not talk above or around them.
* Accommodating and Flexible -- Prabhakar Uncle understands how to bridge different families customs harmoniously and is sensitive to differences that may arise. He is also accommodating to specific families desires for ceremony times, customs, ordering, etc.
* Pays Attention to Detail -- Prabhakar Uncle focuses on the elegance and sacredness of the day and pays close attention to the details.
We are super happy with our wedding and recommend Prabhakar Uncle!

06/24/2014 - Panditji is amazing! The day my husband, mother, and I sat down to talk with Panditji and his wife was the day that I saw my wedding come alive. The ideas that he had for us, the patience with which he explained everything, and the details that he went over just in that first meeting alone, impressed all of us. We left from the meeting knowing in our hearts and minds that he would be the perfect officiant for our wedding!

During our 3 day wedding, he was as organized and calm as I knew he would be. With everything that was going and all of the different events, he was always there with a smile and a calm circle of serenity surrounding him. It wasn't just Panditji but also his wife who was such an integral part of our wedding. She actually helped my mother-in-law wrap her sari before the wedding ceremony.

All of my guests were so impressed with his poise and explanations during the ceremony and kept commenting on it. We were so blessed to have him as a part of our special event. I have to give credit to my great-uncle from Delaware for suggesting Panditji to us. If you are looking for someone who is organized, conscientious, warm, and a real treasure for your wedding, Panditji is the best! I cannot say enough! Thank you Panditji for everything you did for us!

06/23/2014 - Panditji or to me, Prabhakar uncle is wonderful. Aside from being a genuinely nice person, he is very good at what he does. Right from the start he took time to get to know me, my fiance and our families. He took the time to understand what was important to us and made sure to focus on the aspects of the ceremony which were important to us. He is extremely detail oriented and organized the entire ceremony to fit within the time frame I had requested. He is so organized and came prepared with a booklet of our ceremony with the explanations to our rehearsal so that we all knew what we were supposed to do the day of of our ceremony. Aside from his work, Prabhaker uncle is incredibly nice and has a hilarious sense of humor. It was such a privilege to work with uncle and definitely recommend him to anyone interested in having a beautiful meaningful ceremony.

Arun & Mrinali 
06/12/2014 - Pandit ji is spectacular. He really is one of a kind. He performed our wedding ceremony and various other poojas around the wedding. He is meticulously detail oriented (he's an engineer after all!) which was very helpful for ensuring everything went off without stress or any hitches. He is also well versed in the hindu scriptures and able to explain our traditions to the younger generation. And lastly he was very efficient in managing the proceedings, keeping everything on time, and not taking too much air time as I've seen some pandits do. Overall wonderful!

Priya & Michael 
06/09/2014 - We could not have asked for a better Panditji to perform our wedding ceremony than Panditji Prabhakar Sharma. Panditji and his wife warmly welcomed our families into their home where Panditji explained the entire ceremony. His detailed notes and update emails helped us make sure all plans remained on track. At the wedding, Panditji explained all elements of the ceremony to the guests, and his sense of humor made the experience enjoyable for everyone. Our guests, American and Indian, said it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies they had ever seen. We highly recommend Panditji Sharma, especially for couples who are having inter-cultural weddings.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam 
05/31/2014 - We are truly blessed to have Panditji perform our ceremony.
If we had to describe it in 1 word, we would say it was "PERFECT".
He took time to explain the entire ceremony in English and also performed Hindu/Gujrati rituals for our families and guests .
Panditji, went out of the way to explain and address any concerns that our parents had in the weeks/months leading up to the wedding day.
He raised the bar for Indian weddings and went beyond our expectations!

Sunil Patel 
05/04/2014 - We had our wedding in Puerto Vallarta and had Punditji perform our Grih Shanti and Hindu Ceremony. He made us feel very comfortable and was very easy to talk to. For my wife, who is not of indian descent, punditji did a wonderful job of explaining the meaning of each ceremony and ritual. We are very happy to have found Punditji Sharma, he is an incredibly wise and talented person and wish him all the best in the future. We couldn't have asked for a better punditji. Thank you so much for being there for our special day. Sunil & Shauna

Sanjay and Sheila 
04/08/2014 - It is possible that words will never adequately describe how wonderful it has been to work with Pandit Sharma. Panditji approached our wedding with intellect, spirituality, emotion and art. From the very first conversation, he was clear and direct. He worked closely with us to include our Indo-Fijian traditions while being respectful of my bride's Jewish roots. Panditji and his wife Jyoti, graciously welcomed us into their home for planning meetings. Our meetings were productive and efficient. Panditji made our parents feel comfortable and able to fully participate in the beautiful and meaningful ceremony. He provided a personalized program with English descriptions of each rituals in addition to explanations during the ceremony. Our guests loved being able to follow along and keep telling us how much they enjoyed the blend of solemnity and humor Panditji employs during the ceremony. We are overwhelmed with joy and are grateful to Panditji and Jyoti for sharing their gifts with us.
Sanjay and Sheila

Om & Pramila 
12/24/2013 - Dear Prabhakarji: Over 50 years ago your father blessed us in our marriage. May you now bless our grandchildren in their matrimony. Om Uncle

Lexy Eguino-Majumdar 
12/23/2013 - Pandit Sharma was AMAZING!!!
very detail oriented, made everything very clear and easy to understand. He even went out of his way to make sure we included everything in the ceremony we wanted, be it a hindu custom or not. he and his wife were extremely helpful every step of the way. Since I am not indian they went out of their way to explain each item i needed for the ceremony and what it should look like. Thanks to Pandit Sharma and his wife our wedding was perefect. I could not have done it without them.

10/21/2013 - Panditji Sharma did an excellent job officiating and coordinating our hindu wedding ceremony for us. He met with both families multiple times and was exceedingly meticulous about the timeline for the ceremony etc and was accomodating regarding our preferences. He always made it work. He received rave reviews from my husband's side (non-Indian) since he did wonderful explanations for each step of the ceremony and from our Indian relatives. Our wedding went 100% according to plan and was on time. Thank you Panditji!

Neeta Jain Sethi 
05/22/2013 - Prabhakar Uncle is absolutely a delight to work with. His meticulous and patient methods made the seemingly intimidating wedding process extremely easy. With a mixed wedding (Hindu and Sikh), Prabhakar Uncle was very accommodating and had multiple family meetings to ensure that all were comfortable with the flow of events. The result was a smooth, well-coordinated wedding!! It was beautiful, everything I could have dreamed of. I have also recommended him to a friend of mine!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to talk.

Nikhil Mehdiratta 
01/07/2013 - My wife & I were very fortunate that Pandit Prabhakar Sharma performed our wedding ceremony. Since I had seen Pandit Sharma perform other weddings in the past, I was confident that our ceremony too ceremony would be performed well. Not only is Pandit Sharma very professional & knowledgeable about the Vedic ceremony & rituals, he presents the ceremony in a very entertaining and educational manner such that people who are not familiar with the meaning of the ceremonies understand it.

I also had several friends of mine who came up to me after the wedding and said they would definitely book him for their weddings (even though none of those weddings were imminent!).

Thank you for performing on our very special day!
Nikhil & Rohini

Parul & Abhinay 
01/05/2013 - It was a pleasure to have Pandit Sharma Ji conduct our wedding ceremony. Our first meeting with Pandit Ji was very helpful where he walked us and our family through each step of the ceremony which made us quite comfortable of what to expect on our wedding day. He officiated the wedding ceremony very well, maintained the length of the ceremony as requested and kept the whole process enjoyable for us and our guests as well.

Thank you Pandit Ji!
Parul & Abhinay

Avni and Pratik Desai 
11/01/2012 - We are so thankful that we had Pandit Sharma officiating our memorable wedding ceremony on August 25th, 2012. Every step of the way, he was there to guide us and provide us with helpful feedback. Pandit Sharma was more organized with our wedding preparations than we could have imagined! His phone call and email responses were made in a timely fashion, meeting notes were sent out after every meeting so that everyone was on the same page and ceremony itineraries were confirmed and reconfirmed before the main event. Every detail was handled in a very professional & very punctual manner. Pandit Sharma was accessible at anytime and allayed any fears that we had with regards to how the Hindu-Jain ceremony would work.
The ceremony itself was beautiful and Pandit Sharma's meaningful explanations truly made our guests engaged in all aspects of our ceremony. Pandit Sharma gave many relevant examples throughout the ceremony of how the two of us and others can apply the principles in our everyday lives, which was truly appreciated by both our Indian and non-Indian guests. We still have guests saying that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever attended. We are so pleased with our wedding ceremony and give Pandit Sharma our highest recommendation.

- Avni and Pratik Desai

Simi & Aneil Kamboj 
09/30/2012 - Dear Pandit Ji,
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding in California on Sept 1st. The whole ceremony was enjoyable, seamless, and understandable for all our guests, and us. Thank you for making the process so organized - we really appreciated your attention to detail and carefully thought-out plans. Many of our guests told us it was one of the best ceremonies they have ever observed, and actually enjoyed sitting through the wedding ceremony itself. Many thanks! We are so grateful.
Lots of love,
Simi & Aneil

Neha & Mike 
09/19/2012 - Panditji Sharma, We just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful ceremony - so many of our guests commented that they appreciated your explanations and felt very included because they could understand the importance of each step in the process. We can't thank you enough for accommodating our need for multiple rehearsals so both sides of the family could participate. We're so thrilled to be married by you! Thank you again! Mike & Neha

Sapna and Amish 
07/17/2012 - Dear Sharmaji,
Amish and I wanted to sincerely thank you for making our wedding so special. Our guests from both India and America raved about your presentation, explanations, and thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony. Our day was made extra special by having you there, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sapna & Amish

Kajal Verma 
04/23/2012 -
Dear Pandit Jee,
Thank you so much for all you have done. The ceremonies were just beautiful and we loved your attention to detail, explanations, and fun humor throughout. We cant thank you enough and feel very blessed to have had you as our Pandit. Also, We thank you so much for catering to our two ceremonies and accommodating both faiths. We felt your support, love, and care throughout the preparation time and through the ceremony. We hope to stay in touch.
All the best,
Dominic and Kajal

Anupam & Sonya 
04/16/2012 -
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a great ceremony. The ceremony itself was so nice and loving and entertaining. We felt so honored to have you as our Pandit, and we really felt so cared for. So many people commented on how wonderful our ceremony was.

Thank you so much! If there's ever anything we can do for you, just let us know. We will stay in touch and hope to see you some day soon!

Anupam and Sonya

Rajeev Mishra 
03/18/2012 - I am very thankful to you Panditji.
I got lot of knowledge from your website.
Rajeev Mishra

Pooja and Abjijith 
02/13/2012 - Pundit Sharma officiated our Hindu wedding on September 4th 2011, and we couldn't be happier! Punditji was very professional and courteous. He really cared about what type of ceremonywe wanted, and delivered exactly that. Punditji was also extremely organized and did not overlook any detail. Many of our wedding guests commented on how articulate Punditji is. We are so honored and blessed that he officiated our wedding.

Meeta and Mike 
01/30/2012 - Thank you so much, Pandit Sharma, for the beautiful ceremony you performed for our wedding. Like so many of the other testimonials here, we were delighted with your attention to detail, putting us at ease so we could enjoy our big day, and sharing the beauties of the Hindu tradition with our guests of diverse backgrounds. We couldn't have asked for anything more to make the day more special.

Shilpi & Kumar 
09/30/2011 - One's wedding is one of the most important steps in a person's life other than having children. Pandit Sharma performed our ceremony with such attention to detail that we feel so blessed to have him as our Pandit and now new lifelong family friend. His explanations of the ceremony were invaluable to us so we understood the religious and spiritual bonds being created, as well as to our guests, especially ones that don't speak Sanskrit (everyone!), to understand the traditions and deep values placed on marriage in each step of the ceremony. We still remember it well even though it was years ago. It was perfect. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sujay & Margo 
06/24/2011 - Pandit Sharma recently officiated a Hindu ceremony for a multi-faith marriage between myself and my Jewish wife. We had two ceremonies (Hindu and Jewish) and both the Pandit and the Rabbi participated in both.

Pandit Sharma was very thorough and detailed in meeting with us before the wedding to walk through his ideas on how it should proceed as well as holding a rehearsal with the entire wedding party so there were no surprises on the day itself. He was also very flexible in adjusting the ceremony to accommodate our wishes, while still retaining the important traditional elements of a Hindu ceremony.

We had a lovely ceremony and he was a big part of it, conducting it with verve and respect and making everyone feel very comfortable and part of the occasion. We're very happy to have worked with him and recommend him highly to anyone else.

Thanks Panditji!

Sonia Soin & Vasco Leong 
06/01/2011 -

Pandit Sharma, conducted a beautiful ceremony for us. We are a mixed couple, Indian/Chinese and Pandit Sharma provided excellent service. He offered a rehearsal service which helped the groom's side get comfortable with the Hindu ceremony rituals. His service is remarkable and offers excellent support during the whole engagement process. The ceremony was beautifully done, on time, and with english translation. He added humor and enough seriousness to the event. We highly recommend him for wedding services especially for couples looking to conduct a hindu service where the bride and groom may be of different backgrounds.

T.J. and Vani Duane 
04/26/2011 - Pandit Sharma conducted a lovely ceremony for us. We had a mixed audience, some of whom had never attended a Hindu wedding before and Panditji ensured everything was very clear and well explained. He did a very good job of keeping the ceremony moving smoothly while still maintaining a very spiritual atmosphere. Thank you so much for making our wedding day wonderful!

Neha & Vivek 
04/04/2011 - Panditji performed our wedding in Nov 2009 and we still get compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was. Panditji did a great job of explaining the ceremony in a simple way and the meaning of different rituals. His ability to blend two religions (Hindu-Jain) into the ceremony was very appreciated. All our guests felt very engaged in the ceremony because of his way of making it simple and understandable . We had a lot of non-Indian guests who complimented on how meaningful the ceremony was. He also performed and guided us through our pre-wedding ceremonies (Chuda, Havan, Sehra bandi, etc). Panditji made our wedding very meaningful and memorable and we would highly recommend him.

Vaneeta and Eric 
03/08/2011 - Panditji performed our wedding ceremony, and we were so pleased. Even though many of our guests, including my husband's family were not Indian, they ALL commented on how beautiful and special the ceremony was. He went the extra mile to carefully and periodically explain every part of the wedding ceremony as we went along. Panditji performed our wedding as if we were his own family, and that was quite special to us. He also performed my sister's wedding (Punjabi - Gujrati), and later on, another guest's wedding the following summer.

Aditi & Ankur Kotecha 
03/08/2011 -

Pandit Ji performed our wedding ceremony on December 8th, 2010 in India. We wouldn’t have made a better decision and are honored that he could be a part of our wedding and made it memorable.

He ensured to make our wedding memorable and extraordinary not just for us but for everyone present there. He took time to understand our different (Punjabi & Gujarati) cultures and how to merge them into a beautiful ceremony. He ensured to include both our parents in the ceremony and fulfill everyone’s desires. He explained meaning of the mantras that kept everyone involved in the ceremony.

I am so glad and thankful for having you perform our wedding. Thank you so much!!

Gaurav & Annie 
03/08/2011 - Panditji performed our wedding ceremony in April of 2010 and we honestly could not have made a better selection. He did a fantastic job of explaining all along the way and making everyone feel included, regardless of whether they were familiar with the religious, cultural and spiritual background. Many of our guests, both those who had witnessed Hindu ceremonies before and those who had not, have since commented that it was one of the most beautiful and meaningful ceremonies they have ever seen. From our very first meeting with Panditji to the ceremony itself, we were very pleased with our decision and truly felt that our ceremony was personal and memorable.

Sarika and Piyush 
03/06/2011 - Pandit Sharma performed a beautiful Hindu ceremony while giving English explanations of the steps for the non-Indian guests. We really appreciated the time he took to meet with us and our parents. He helped guide us in coordinating both the Gujarati and Punjabi traditions. He also helped us put together programs for the guests. What we especially loved was that he kept it long enough to satisfy our parents but short enough to keep everyone involved and attentive. It was a pleasure working with him!

02/22/2011 - I just wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for absolutely everything you did for Mom's funeral. You conducted everything perfectly. I really don't know what we would have done without you. Your words and presence were awe inspiring and I have taken so much on board to make me a better person and look at life in a more positive way.

Vinay & Ellen 
02/16/2011 - Panditji performed our wedding in 2005 and we still get frequent comments today on how wonderful the ceremony was. In particular, we were so pleased by Panditji's ability to blend two cultures and two religions into a beautifully seamless and balanced marriage ceremony. He did a wonderful job of explaining the religious meaning of each ritual as well as its relevance to our relationship. Panditji made our wedding wonderful and we would recommend him to anyone with our greatest endorsements.

Rekha & Ravi 
02/16/2011 - Pandit Sharma was simply brilliant. For my husband and I who were pretty new to the Hindu ceremony proceedings, he made time for us in his busy schedule to integrate both our Gujrati and Telugu wedding traditions into one ceremony, talk us through the ceremony steps several times, answer all our questions, give us detailed printed versions of what to do during each step of the ceremony and a detailed list of what to bring on the marraige day. Everyone enjoyed his translation of the ceremony spinkled with sweet, endearing jokes. Instead of feeling nervous on our wedding day, we were so prepared that we felt relaxed and able to truly enjoy the rituals of getting married.

Rob and Priya 
02/15/2011 - We had a fusion (Italian/Indian) ceremony, and Pandit Sharma was amazing. He did a terrific job explaining each ritual so that all guests felt included. The Italian side couldn't stop raving about how meaningful they thought it was and it's all because Pandit Sharma understood and connected with us as well as the audience. He includes very appropriate humor to keep the ceremony interesting for those who aren't used to a longer, Indian ceremony. Also, the rehearsal was very beneficial for my Italian in-laws so they didn't feel too lost on the special day. Highly recommended!

Sandeep & Kanika 
02/15/2011 -

What a memorable and one of a kind wedding ceremony! Our guests actually enjoyed and paid attention to our wedding ceremony because you translated the mantras and told us the significance of it. We especially appreciated the time and effort you put in our wedding and offered us ways to personalize it to make it a unique experience. Rehearsal of the wedding ceremony was a brilliant idea which most Pandits don't usually offer. It allowed us to understand the whole progression so that ceremony flowed flawlessly the day of the wedding.

Thank you so much for making our wedding truly special!

Malini & Kumar 
02/15/2011 - Wedding by Pandit Sharma is wedding par excellence. He makes the difference.