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Prabhakar Sharma

Phone (484) 319-7313

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Havan Ceremonies are performed for Prosperity, Health, Education and Family Occasions per Hindu Vedic Sanskar Vidhi at your place of convenience.

Information about Priest: Hindu Priest Prabhakar Sharma is fluent in speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati languages and frequently explains the significance of Vedic Mantras (hymns) from Sanskrit in simple language. Younger generations can understand and enjoy the significance of the ceremonies performed by the priest.

Priest Prabhakar Sharma
(Pandit / Pujari) Ordained Minister, Legally accepted in most states,
is Gurukul trained, highly educated North Indian with several years of experience performing Vedic Arya Samaji Sanskar Vidhi (Havan Ceremony) for auspicious celebrations.

What makes me Unique?

After observing many weddings where the young couple and the audience do not understand the meaning of Sanskrit mantras, I felt the need to provide some explanation to them. I translate liberally explaining the meanings of mantras in simple understandable English language.  I connect well with the younger generation and the audience to involve them in the ceremony so that at the end of the ceremony everyone has something to take back home.  I  Specialize in and am flexible in customizing the services to suit your needs such as: Ceremony location, availability of dates, timings and duration of ceremony etc. Puja and Havan Ceremony material can also be arranged by the priest. I promise to work for your spiritual guidance and satisfaction.

Why should you select ME?

1. Gurukul trained and experienced Arya Samaji.
2. Speak clear English and explain frequently.
3. Have a great connection with younger generation and provide frequent explanations.
4. Can tailor your individual needs upon request; very flexible.
5. Can supply the ceremonial items.

Can incorporate tradition of Hindu wedding with non-Hindu wedding ceremonies.

7. Member in good standing with National Association of Wedding Officiants.